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they will come up to a solution to this problem? >> yeah, i think you>svve to think about this environment. it's going to be a really unique environment. how often do you get to go on plane and not having to watch a movie and eat peanuts. you'll get to interact with everybody else. >> this is a charter. you have 100 people on a 747. >> they've got to plane to themselves. >> plenty of leg space. >> plenty of wandering around. this is not a sitting down flight. this is getting around. >> will you have a few media people on board? >> sure. we would love for you to come with us. >> there's this culture, this idea of doing this. i was lucky enough to be invited one year. you can have brilliant people but it has to be the right interes interesting mix and then amaze things happen. >> we believe innovation happens when people come together. one of our advisory remembers says innovation is a contact sport. you have to get people together. that's what we do. we bring people together around the world. >> how else are you trying to innovate? forget this particular flight and what you're doing here but yo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1